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Last Update: 06/01/2021 - My Email: bill@k8veb.com

224.66 MHz Bridgecom Repeater & Duplexer

The K8VEB 224.66 repeater system went on the air November 3, 2016. Running 20 watts out of the duplexer to a Comet tri-band vertical up at 25 feet. Plans are to get the Hustler G7 220 MHz repeater antenna at the 50 foot mark on the tower to increase the range. Planning on connecting the CAT 300DXL controller and the RLS 1000b 3 port board so I can connect the Echolink, 440 Repeater and the FT-991 on the remote ports. Bottom of the rack is the 440 MHz DB Products duplexer. Next unit up is the Yeasu DR-1X 443.350 MHz repeater. Next unit up is the Bridgecom 224.66 MHz repeater and on top of that is the Bridgecom 224.66 duplexer.