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Last Update: 02/02/2024 - My Email: bill@k8veb.com

Allstar Node # 52282 - Echolink Node # 39272

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Super Station Master is the antenna I am using for the Yeasu DR-1X (analog/digital) 443.350 MHz repeater system.

Comet Tri-band CX-333 (144/220/440 MHz) is the antenna that I am using for the Bridgecom 224.66 repeater system until I am able to changed it out with the Hustler G7-220.

Alpha DX-CC dipole is the antenna I now use for Field Day or portable operation. I used this antenna for 12 years and then I replaced it with the Off Center Fed dipole in 2014.

Off Center Fed Dipole - This the stations HF antenna. I use it on 160 through 6 meters along with the auto tuner.

Diamond Quad Band - (28/50/144/440) This is the antenna I use mobile and portable with the Yeasu FT-8900 radio.

Diamond NR770HB

Comet tri-band mobile (144/222/440 MHz)

Hustler G7-220