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Last Update: 02/02/2024 - My Email: bill@k8veb.com

Allstar Node # 52282 - Echolink Node # 39272

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Here is some of the other ham radio items I use!


DV4mini - This is a USB stick UHF hotspot. You download and run the software and you are able to operate C4FM/DMR/D-Star! I also use the DV4mini on the Echolink Raspberry PI unit my son (WA8KIM) built for me!

QYT-7900D - Love this little tri-band unit! It is very easy to take mobile/portable and it runs about 20 watts!

Echolink Cube - My son (WA8KIM) built me unit! The system is a Raspberry PI 3, DV4mini software and a Baofeng UHF HT. This hotspot is

BPQ (Raspberry PI) BBS system

Vertex VX-2000 - This is the radio I use for the BPQ packet BBS on a Raspberry PI 3.

Vertex VX-4000

HRI-200 Wires-x