This is my Home Station Operating Position

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This is my operating position! (Left to Right)

Home Video Security Video Monitor. Anytone 3318UV Tri-band HT, Yeasu FT-5 HT, HP Spectre Laptop, USB Tower, Yeasu SCU-17 interface, Yeasu FT-991 160-70cm /multi mode transciever, Icom IC-91AD FM/D-star HT, MFJ-4230MVP 30 amp power suply, MFJ-939 automatic antenna tuner, G-90.

Yeasu FT-991 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver. 100 watts 160 - 6 meters. 50 watts 2/70cm. Multi-mode (C4FM/CW/SSB/FM/AM). Standard Hand Mic. Programming software is from RT Systems.

On top of the Yeasu FT-991 is a Yeasu SCU-17 interface. Yes I know that the FT-991 does work thought the USB direct. I like to be able to adjust in/out audio without going to and changing menu options or calling up the speaker menu.

MFJ-939 Auto Tuner . I chose this unit because it does not require a RS232 adapter or power cube. The unit is powered from the radio cable. Pressing the TUNE on the FT-991, and the auto tuner does the rest. It has memory so the common frequencies are stored and tuning is very fast.

MFJ Power Supply is my backup or portable power supply. 30 amps max and 25 amps continuous. It is very small and light weight, and has 2 Anderson power pole connectors on back. I use this power supply to power the station while on commercial power and it charges the RV battery for emergency operations

SharkRF OpenSpot 2  The OpenSpot 2 is a DMR/C4FM/D-star 20 mw hot spot for digital modes. The unit can cross mode between C4FM and DMR and D-Star. The OpenSpot is powered by the USB-C port on the modem and is connected to the internet via WIFI.

SharkRF OpenSpot 3 is what I use here at the QTH/mobile/portable. The OpenSpot 3 is a DMR/C4FM/D-Star 20 mw hot spot for digital modes. The unit can cross mode between C4FM/DMR/D-star. The OpenSpot 3 is powered by internal battery and is connected to the internet via WIFI.

Yeasu FT-5DR 144/440 analog/digital (C4FM) HT - Dual Band, Dual Watch, Analog/Digital HT. WOW! Love this radio! Analog/Digital/GPS/APRS/Automatic Mode Selection/4 power settings/Extended Receive/Dual Band Operation/AF dual control, micro-SD backup and so much more! I bought the extra battery, desk charger and the Camera/Speaker/Mic. I can monitor my repeater (analog/digital), while listening to my favorite AM/FM Broadcast radio while working around the house.  Programming software is from RT Systems.

ICOM IC-91AD analog/digital (D-Star) HT - Dual band (144/440). Thanks to Brian (KC8WKA) for selling me the radio and Jeff (N8HEE) for getting and programming this HT! I have both OpenSpots for D-Star operation. Check out the D-Star net on reflector 24A Monday night at 8:00 PM Eastern time.

Anytone AT-3318UV-E - Tri-band 144/220/440 MHz FM HT transceiver. 5 watts on 144, 4 watts on 220 and 440 (high power) and 1/2 watt low power. DTMF/DCS encode/decode. Crossband opeation 144/220 - 144/440 - 220/440 MHz.

XIEGU G90 HF Radio 20 watt QRP transceiver with built in auto antenna tuner. 160-10 meters AM/NFM/SSB.

Remote Hams - Once in a while I place my home station on Remote Hams. Once you register (and send a jpeg copy of your license) with remote hams you will have access to other ham stations around the world for you to listen to and operate. You need to download and install the RCForb client program for windows (Android RCForb app) you will see many hams that have their station online for you to use. Click on the station and see what they have to offer. You will need to request approval if you want to control and transmit their station. At this time I allow listening to HF bands but restrict transmit to 144/440 MHz. I need to upgrade my antenna tuner before allowing HF transmit access. I have copied a video file from YouTube (WA0TDA) that explains more about RCFord android app. "Ham radio with your smartphone! RCForb Android App Explained"