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Last Update: 02/02/2024 - My Email: bill@k8veb.com

Allstar Node # 52282 - Echolink Node # 39272

Powering the station

Commercial Power, Firman (Dual Fuel) Generator (10K), Two 100 Watt solar panels and Ever Start Deep Cycle Battery.

Power supplies are: Yeasu FP-1030A and MFJ-4230MVP.

The MFJ-4230MVP is then connected to the Rigrunner PWRgate PG-40S to charge and maintain the deep cycle battery.

The TGE Booster/Regulator is connected directly to the deep cycle battery and then to the Rig Runner 4008H.

The TGE Booster/Regulator provides a steady 13.8 volts from the 12 volt deep cycle battery.

The Yeasu FP-1030A is used for the Mirage 144MHz 160 watt power amp and or the Mirage 432 MHz 100 watt power amp

This system powers the station when commercial power is not available.

My son Kim (WA8KIM) set me up on Anderson power connectors and many many power related items above! Thank You Kim!!