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Last Update: 03/06/2023 - My Email: bill@k8veb.com

Powering the station

Commercial Power, Firman 10K dual fuel Generator, 100 Watt flexible solar panel and Ever Start Deep Cycle Battery.

Power supplies are: Yeasu FP-1030A and MFJ-4230MVP and Dakota 10 Amp Power Box

The Yeasu FP-1030A is then connected to the Rigrunner PWRgate PG-40S to charge and maintain the deep cycle battery.

The output of the PWRgate PG-40S is then connected to the deep cycle battery.

The TGE Booster/Regulator is connected directly to the deep cycle battery and then to the Rig Runner 4008H.

The TGE Booster/Regulator provides a steady 13.8 volts from the 12 volt deep cycle battery.

This is powering the FT-991G90 and other Anderson Power Pole connections.

My son Kim (WA8KIM) set me up on Anderson power connectors and many many power related items above! Thank You Kim!!